Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Join A Place to Call Home for those in need | Observer and Eccentric Newspapers and Hometown Weeklies |

Here's a great model for taking older underused, abandoned buildings (we have one in mind in Savannah!) & getting to the point proactively to get the units ready to inhabit over a period of "fund-raising" that has some unique twists! This is AWESOME! Congrats Detroit! We'll be in touch to figure out the replication of this whole model!

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Father asks his son...

From a Facebook friend - 38 year old - dad must be between 60-68 or so...
  • My Dad said that he thinks that like 90 percent of homeless people had a problem with drinking or drugs. True?


Thanks for the question xxxxx,

Not sure what the % is but yes, that's a major one - also mental health issues along with the drinking or drugs, off their meds. 

But the demographics have changed dramatically since 2008 when the housing market crashed & all that's followed on...

Not the usual suspects - why they're doing drugs & drinking is the issue - addictions usually have an underlying cause of abuse, low self esteem or bad parenting - but it's really how an individual copes with those issues too.

That's why we're heavy on the Love thing as we have found that when Love & non-judgmental attitudes are shown the confidence to address the underlying issue & deal with what got them homeless comes & the healing starts!

Hope that helps, sorry for the long winded answer!

It's all in identifying with the person that healing can start.

I would suggest if you feel like it sharing the site with your Dad might let him hear some of the stories - that's where the connection to the reasons occurs, when you hear real people telling their stories.

Have you seen our story anywhere?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KWAVs: Blessing Bags How To

Wonderful support approach - everybody who sees homeless people on the street remember how easy it would be to hand them one of these! Also there is a group in AK (fb: website ( that does some great work too!

Monday, June 13, 2011

First night out of t

First night out of the shelter! Housed finally in a sort of transitional setting! But it's GR8 to finally make it out of the "system" - a steady job, income, with lots of support from those who care! #fb

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pete's Pen via LoriTruth

A MUST read for anybody anticipating or wanting to be a volunteer serving the homeless - maybe if you never even thought about it this post will mnake you want to see what it feels like to give the love of the Lord through these types of ministries to the homeless.

We have several of these opportunities in Savannah - contact us if you're interested!!

Look at our pages on Facebook: HomelessnessInSavannah GeekTheHomeless & VoxPatriainSavannah to see more about serving the homeless!!!

Check this out WSAV News 3 On Your Side WTOC-TV WJCL FOX28 The Coastal Source ...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Angels in Forsyth Park, 4/24/11 - WSAV comes out to the event!

WSAV came out to Forsyth Park Easter Sunday afternoon in response to their Twitter invitation to the event!

Raw link:!/homelessinSavh/status/62154591722156032

Meredith Ley did her usual great job getting a story together with multiple interviews & quotes capturing the essence of the meaning of the events that were going on this special day!

We thank her immensely with one of our biggest #twitterhugs too!

Read on & watch the video that tells the story so well of ministering the the homeless through showing Love.

Easter Angels in Forsyth Park

Come out & support ministries to the homeless wherever they may be held in our community!

You're always welcome to come show your Love, be of service as the Lord would have us be.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Check out pilot in GA - Tweet from @StreetoutreachR & @AbeOudshoorn

You ask, we share some hope!

@StreetoutreachR: Why haven't we done this yet? A ten year plan to address mental health and substance use in British Columbia

To answer your question, there's a newly funded project in Georgia (Savannah Coastal area) brought on out of outrage that Governor was looking at closing Savannah's unit of the Georgia Regional Hospital when forced with budget cuts!

NAMI Savannah & Georgia chapters with the community banded together & said NO. We will stand in the doors to stop the closing without somewhere for our mental health patients to go.

Read the press releases & announcements at - groundbreaking design with huge corporate & state matching grants ($4.3M so far) for a two years study with revolutionary peer support & case management systems & processes.

We are very interested in this program in South Georgia as it provides hope for the most chronically mentally ill & substance abusers in Georgia.

The model created will likely be adopted across the globe we believe & extended to more of our homeless & marginally served mentally ill & relapsing substance abusers we see on the streets leading less than productive lives.

Stay tuned here for more information as we engage & report on the progress. We plan on volunteering & supporting this most important & vital research study.

Other links of interest with more info:

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